Are Nightbot’s settings accessible to others?

You Tubeの配信者が「いきなりnight botが出てきた。」


You Tubeでは曲を聴く位しかした事がないので
night botの存在自体を知りませんでしたが、他人が設定するには


Please use a translater to post in English.
Because of the language barrier, I’m not sure what you are asking/telling.
Are Nightbot’s settings accessible to others?
You can access the commands list by typing !commands in chat and if the streamer has nightbot managers they can edit and change commands. Mods in chat can also add custom commands.

Does someone think their nightbot was hacked or think that you hacked into their nightbot?
Or that nightbot “moves” I’m sorry I don’t understand.

You can read about default commands here: Commands List - Nightbot Docs
and more about nightbot managers here: Managers - Nightbot Docs

( I think it’s best if I get someone else like @Emily to help with this question. )

Hey @mi_to!

Are you sure it’s the real Nightbot account on YouTube and not just someone who made an identical looking account?

If it’s the real Nightbot account, then that means they either added it themselves and forgot, or they got their YouTube account compromised, in which case they should change their password.
Nightbot as a bot can’t do anything malicious to someone’s channel.

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