Any chance we could get a permanent version of SoSnowy or similar?

Hey, I had a ton of fun using SoSnowy or SantaHat recently, adds more dynamic and makes some emotes more fun if they have snow coming on top of them. Wanted to ask if maybe you (the developers) would consider keeping some of these “emotes” around permanently? If so I would also recommend making it so only one emote shows if you type more in succession (example: SoSnowy SoSnowy only shows 1 snow, not 2) so people don’t abuse the system.

Anyway love bttv, just thought I’d make a suggestion

We realize people like the holiday emotes we add, but we feel it’s best to publish these only for special occasions. We try to keep things fresh and having these around all the time would make them less fun to use around holidays. With that said, unfortunately there are no current plans to keep these after the holidays.

that’s ok, they are a ton of fun though. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Maybe I could suggest something else. I like twitch on white but the white is too bright. The dark is better on the eyes but not on the color. Any chance you guys add some more color palettes in the future to pick from? Appreciate the time and effort developing the mod regardless. Enjoy the new year

I think SoSnowy could be a really good candidate for keeping, just rename it to SoSalty or something like that.

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