Another "Error Connecting To Remote Server" topic

Hi, I made a post about this error a few months ago: Debugging urlfetch Error Connecting To Remote Server . I have since switched to using other bots, because they don’t have this problem, only Nighbot does. I’d like to keep using NIghtbot, because I like some of its features, that’s why I’m trying to post again.

I see a few posts similar to mine, e.g. Error Connecting To Remote Server also without a solution. Is there really no way to tell what error exactly Nighbot is getting? It’s just impossible to debug with the generic error.

yeah, it’s tough, i’ve spent many hours poking and prodding to find where errors lie… wish i could be more helpful, but i definitely feel your pain…
all i can say is most of the time i get that error is one of 2 things, either a small typo in syntax or more often a lag somewhere along the line… also seen it when making multiple page requests in the same command… but have also seen it just randomly happen for no apparent reason at all, and the rest of the time work perfectly fine, lol

Thanks for replying. I actually managed to figure out what the issue was. When using up arrow in Twitch chat to use chat history, Twitch sometimes inserts an additional space at the end. That extra space in $(query) was causing the issue! Very glad to finally find it, but yeah, I really wish there were some sort of logs you can see to help with troubleshooting things like that.

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