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Anonymous feature

Hello, this is probably a silly question but I’m so new to this… I would appreciate any help.

I’ve noticed when you enter a chat with this feature on, a message pops sometimes saying:
“BetterTTV: [Anon Chat] Logging you out of chat…”
So, does it mean if that stream has some plugin that registers who enters the chat, you would figure as you entered and then left? Or it wouldn’t detect your entrance regardless of the plugin being used and the displayed message?

One more doubt, there are sometimes when the “Logging out of chat” message doesn’t appear despite of having the anon option enabled, does this mean in those cases wouldn’t be working properly?

So many thanks in advance!

The message means you were connected to chat as your user, and BetterTTV has disconnected you from chat to keep your presence anonymous. In that time period before disconnect it is possible your presence was noticed, but we reconnected you to chat and your presence is no longer seen by others in chat at that point.

If you do not see this message, it means you are already anonymous in chat when BetterTTV loaded.

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