Anon chat has dissapeared

So i saw the new option to test new options and things when looking at settings this morning , Clicked it and it restarted my twitch page , But now the option to Anon Chat has completely gone.
My most used feature !

I tried removing BTTV from chrome and then reinstalling it but ANON chat has still gone .

Whats going on ? ?

Anon chat does not exist in BetterTTV in the beta. If you want to revert back to the old version the old only way currently is by clearing your cookies.

Why was it removed ?

When developers go full retard or kowtow to pressure from outside influences and break the most useful functionality then we must part ways… I’m out, thank you for your service but you have made yourselves redundant. InsertGoldenKappaHandshakeEmoteHere

When users go full retard and don’t read the beta description before enabling the beta.

The feature doesn’t exist in the beta yet. Chill out. If you want to go back to non beta clear your cookies.

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