Animated Emotes in Custom Command

Hi all,

is it possible, to put a animated emote in a custom command ?

The “normal” emotes works easily, but i get the animated ones not work.

Thx a lot.

Or can i upgrade the nightbot Account to a “Subscriber” ?

Nightbot needs to be subscribed to your channel to use your subscriber emotes.
What is outputted when you try to use an animated emote?

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Hm….How can i update my nightbot to a subscriber??
I think, that can fix my issue.

If i Write the Name of the emote in the command line, the Name will shown in the command, Not the emote. With the „standard“ follow emotes, it works fine.

On twitch, you can gift it a subscription
Screenshot 2022-08-14 10.38.09

I don’t use youtube live but i would assume there is a similar feature to gift subs.

Okay, thx for your help.

I hoped, i can do it without any cost, because it‘s not really a Person.

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We all wish that…
Twitch and YouTube don’t have ways to flag a user as a legitimate bot that would benefit of the channel emotes for free.
There’s an alternative on Twitch for Partners.

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