An amount, add and reset... but it's not working

okay so essentially i have the two basics down…well a bit of it down through some research and quite literally extensive attempts
i have a “!crowns” and it says "Fatal has (enter amount) Crown Wins.
then i have a “!crownwin” that just basically increases the “!crowns” by one each time
now… this is the part i’m stuck, i have a “!crownreset” that resets the command “!crownwin” (the one that increases by one) but NOT the “!crowns”

is there any way for the “!crownreset” to be able to reset both the “crowns” & “!crownwin”
ALSO is there a way to set it to a specific number before counting…like i have 73 crowns and for some reason i can’t get it to that it’s starting from zero/one
much appreciated any help please and thank you

!crowns Fatal has $(query) Crown Wins.
!crownwin !editcom !crowns Fatal has $(count) Crown Wins.
!crownreset !editcom !crownwin -c=0 (i want this one to reset both/ set to a specified amount if possible)

Hey @FatalDynasty!

Unfortunately no, an aliased command is limited to one task to prevent abuse, you can make another command to edit !crowns, but you will still need to call both reset commands independently:

!addcom !zerocrown -ul=mod Fatal has 0 Crown Wins

Yes, once you called !crownwin once, the command has a Count field that appears on the dashboard, you can edit the value there. In order to set !crowns to 73, set the Count value of !crownwin to 72, then call !crownwin in your chat once.

This should do what you want, don’t forget to call !crownwin after to propagate the edit if it’s not a reset to 0, be aware that if you feed the command anything else than a number (or nothing), then it’ll reset the counter to 0:

!editcom !crownreset -ul=mod -a=!editcom !crownwin \-c=$(eval !isNaN($(1)) ? $(1) - 1 : 0)

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