Always trigger a command

I’ve wondered if it’s possible to make a command wich triggers with every message typed in chat
(to work with $eval then for the real trigger)

Thanks in advance

um… theoretically u could create a separate command for every word in the language that could effectively accomplish that… or create a third party app that links to nightbot’s api

Could you give a roughly example of how/where to make the third party app, still pretty new to coding/api’s but willing to learn it :slight_smile:

uh, i’m sorry, there’s far too many options to list… i have a project running on a device here at home, i have another on a server somewhere… um, downsides to running it from home is the device/program must be running the entire time u wish it to function… and most servers ain’t free… there r free solutions, but many limitations to keep it free, like number of requests per day/month… not sure what u’re trying to do could be done on a free solution that isn’t your own device at home/work/friend’s house, etc

@tiwosslave is right and it really depends what you are trying to do. What did you have in mind ?

All the best,


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