Allow Mods and Broadcaster to Delete all Chat /clear

I read a few threads about this and your response was “adding the ability for TTV to clear is not something you’re going to do at this time.” I don’t think you should add the option on BTTV to delete the chat, you should however, add an option if the owner of the channel wants it to be an option via /clear. I just experienced a hate raid of grand proportion! we could not delete the entire chat at once. over 100 people spammed the chat and there was 1000 follow bots. clearing that chat at this point is one of the best things to do. it was really hard to delete each message one by one. all this hate was allowed to stay in the channel longer because BTTV prevents /clear. we are going to have to remove BTTV from the community for the time being until we can /clear.

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