All quotes have disappeared

My quotes haven’t been working for the last couple of weeks. I just input the code to create quotes in my chat again, hoping it would jumpstart them back in to action and now when I put !quote it says “there are no quotes added”.
How can I get them back?
I had over 200 added by my mods since I first started streaming, so I am really sad that they seem to have all gone :sob:

I presume your talking about the quote api do you have the 16 digit private token DO NOT POST IT HERE IR ANYWHERE PUBLIC ON THIS FORUM JUST YES OR NO if no do you have the 8 digit public one from before? If yes then you’ll have to ask @eshankia for help recovering the 16 digit one if you have neither I don’t believe there is a way to recover the list qoutes.
Contact eshankua by posting here you lost the private token if that’s the case. [CustomAPI] Quote system

That creates a whole new quote list, overriding your previous one.

What do you mean by “haven’t been working for last couple weeks”? When did it stop working, and what error were you getting?

I’ll need more information to recover the old quotes.

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@ehsankia Nightbot hasn’t been working for a couple of weeks at all when it came to my quotes (it wouldn’t add any or pull them up) - but other commands were still working. This has been the same in a few other peoples’ streams too (although one of my friend’s still had all !quote commands working as normal)

@potatoeaterlove I’m sorry, what do you mean by the 16 or 8 digit codes? Is there somewhere I can look to check this?

It’ll be a bit tricky for you to find those, depending on how you installed the quote system. If for example, you ever used “!quote list” and went to the website, that link would have the 8 character code (your public key). From that I can recover your quotes. Maybe you can search your browser history for something like:

Otherwise, depending on how you re-installed the quote system, it may have overwritten the old commands, which would contain the 16 character private key.

If it wasn’t over ridden, you should be able to recover it here:

Look for any !quote/!addquote/!delquote/!editquote commands, and extract the 16 character code after token=, but do not post it publicly. You can DM me it here or on Twitter.

But chances are they’ve all been replaced by the new one you installed.

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