All my custom commands have disappeared and logs aren't working?


I had quite a lot of custom commands and they’ve all just disappeared, and my logs aren’t working from my youtube channel. I didn’t touch any settings to make this change happen.

Is there some kind of outage? How can I get my commands back? I wished I’d taken a copy as there’s a lot of relatively complex ones in there…


same here
nightbot also not joining

My commands are fine I think but nightbot is not reading chat as per the logs and all stats in the dashboard look like they are reset completely, I assume is probably some general outage but it would be lovely to have some confirmation.

Bot is still listed in chat, but commands are not working, and cannot log into website. Sounds like there is some kind of general bot outage. Hopefully it won’t take too long to fix.

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Looks like Nightbot is still on my channel (the Part Channel button is active), but it stopped reading logs at 8:49 AM PST.
Now it is 9:51 AM PST

Update: 9:51 AM PST the bot is back!

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the bot is indeed back again

Phew yes! Making a manual copy of my commands now, that was a scary moment!

It looks like there was a short networking incident which caused connectivity issues within Nightbot’s infrastructure between 12:05 - 12:37 GMT-0400. This issue should now be resolved.