Alias command options

So i have been playing with some stuff… and i was wondering if it would be possible to enable $(query) in alias. it would add sooo much options to games in chat.
for instance

so typing “!door 1” would run command !door -a=!door$(query) You opened door $(query)
then make a command that would be a randomizer of some responces
!door1 "$(query), [enter randomizer here]
!door2 "$(query), [enter randomizer here]
and so on.

No sorry, alias takes a single command (cannot use variable) and passes the query associated with it. Any logic would need to take place in a single !door command.

He’s requesting that this feature be added.

I am indeed asking if this could be added or enabled into the command system. For aliases to have an options for $(query).

Would that be possible?

This is not easily possible, unfortunately. Variable execution only occurs last and only in a command’s response. Aliases are pre-processed before any command execution occurs.

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