Alias command character limit

So i have been doing some more advanced coding with help. And it seems that the Character limit is messing up our commands when its being send to a Alias. Is there a way u can remove the character limit when sending a command to an alias? the limit can stay for the commands without an alias.
But im generating a huge sting of info when somebody is using a command and the Alias command is sorting that and actually using the data.

But right now if many people have used the command it would eventually reach its 400 character limit and stop working.

We are trying to send a message containing data from one command to its alias. But the 400 character limit is preventing the command from transmitting any significant amount of data.

We acknowledge that the 400 character limit needs to exist for messages that Nightbot is actually sending out to the chat.

We are requesting that this limit be lifted when the “message” from one command is going straight into an alias. There is no reason for a limit to exist for messages that aren’t being sent to the chat.

I dont think anybody could bypass the character limit when using an alias. The aliascommand would still have a character limit of 400 to output to chat. meaning if i were to generate a string of 1000 characters to be processed by an alias command the alias command could still only put out 400 characters to the chat. So when advanced coding that alias to sort out the data recieved and only put out under 400 characters would solve all our problems.

If you need to pass a large amount of data between commands then you’re likely trying to do something outside the realm of what we intend to support with aliases. If you elaborate on what you’re trying to accomplish perhaps there’s a better solution than trying to use some artisanal alias message passing.

The first command was constructing a JS object containing a list of users and then producing a URL containing the object converted to a JSON string. The second command was visiting that URL and thereby saving the JSON string in the quote system. This is not possible when the URL containing the JSON string is over 400 characters.

Please consider removing the character limit for messages going into an alias.

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