Ajuda para Juntar codigo

$(eval ‘$(weather $(query))’.replace(‘Weather for’, 'Temperatura ').replace(‘Conditions are’, ‘As condiçoes meterologicas são’).replace(‘with a temperature of’, ‘Com uma temperatura de’).replace(‘The wind is blowing from the’, ‘As condições do vento’).replace(‘and the current humidity is’, ‘E a humidade atual são’).replace(‘No location provided’, ‘Escreva sua cidade/Pais em ingles.’).replace(‘Fair’, ‘Tempo bom’).replace(‘Snow Shower’, ‘nevando’).replace(‘Mostly’, ‘principalmente’).replace(‘Clear’, ‘Limpo’).replace(‘Cloudy’, ‘nublado’).replace(‘Partly’, ‘parcialmente’).replace(‘Sunny’, ‘Ensolarado’).replace(‘rain’, ‘chuvoso’).replace(‘Wind’, ‘vento’)) ,como juntar tudo pra ser totalmente traduzido em portugues???

Hey @label710!

You need to use Pastebin: create an account to be able to modify your pastes later, and don’t make your pastes private: unlisted or public will allow Nightbot to access them.

Follow the instructions in the following topic to guide you:

We only offer support in English.

Is that right? When I call the bot it says the message: Invalid or unexpected token $(eval w=‘$(weather $(query))’; $(urlfetch json https: //pastebin .com/raw/ ViPcU6eq))

That looks right, your issue is that you used the wrong quotes ( and ), JS code only works with single quotes ', double quotes ", or backticks `.
It usually happens when the code is written in a word processor such as Microsoft Word (prefer the very basic Notepad), but it can also depend on the language of your keyboard, so I recommend copy/pasting from my message if you can’t type the correct quotes.

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