Addwin command to call wins command when adding a win

I need help and have pretty much been through all of the Nightbot !wins commands on here. I already have a !addwin, !resetwins, and !wins commands but is there a way that when i add a win (!addwin) that it can call another command (!wins) right after instead of me having to wait to put !wins after Nightbot has edited !addwin?

Hey @lindsey_bayb!

I assume !addwin edits !wins in your case, so what you’re asking for is not possible, !wins would have to come after !editcom, which would mean !wins would be the alias of !editcom, which is not possible because:

  1. !editcom is already an alias of !addwin, you can’t add an alias to an aliased command, it’s a restriction to prevent looping,
  2. you can’t add an alias to a default command as it would be not wanted in most use cases, imagine editing a command with !editcom and instead of editing it you get the !wins message.


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