Adding costum made emotes

Im making alot of emotes recently, This acc is linked to my twitch so u could check, I have 1 emote, and another emote that I had to give another dude submit because of this , Now I made a gif and I want it to be on my channel, but BTTV says that more than 1 emote is too much if my channel is small. But, I talked with someone about this, and he tried to sumbit my emote from a new acc, (6 viewers, 0 followers) and it let him submit ALOT more emotes, (I think 4~) when it blocks me from uploading my second one, when I have 5 followers 54 viewers atm, … I gave another guy with 1 personal emote submitted and more channel growth than me, and hes subbed to BTTV too, and it gives him the same error. I really don’t understand whats the reqs. it seem really random and unreasonable, If it comes down to getting your email whitelisted to submitting alot of emotes than I’m planning of making alot of emotes.

Are you absolutely certain this was the case? And that they did this within the past couple days? There is no whitelist, or change, or anything that would allow this to be the case. If you dont meet the requirements you are not able to upload emotes.

The requirements are not publicly available as that would allow easy ability to bypass. I can tell you that it is not random, every account that uploads must meet the same requirements.

You can check this thread for more specific information about it: Instantly denying my emotes

If youre saying its 100% impossible than I might’ve missunderstood the first guy, but for sure he said himself that he has more than 2 emotes uploaded, I really wanna know if I’m just gonna be capped to 1 emote per channel… I’m creating those emotes cuz ppl ask me to, and I take the time to do that. just to be sure, Is that error message valid or is it some sort of missunderstanding of the system?

The user requirement was added after you uploaded your first emote. By growing your channel a little more it will give you access to the full 5 uploaded emotes.Apologizes for the inconvenience.

okay I understand, can you tell me if this system looks at follows or views? or a set number for both? what kind of growth do I need?

EDIT: Now suddenly I can upload that emote… it didnt give me that error again, and my channel didn’t grow since, so something is obviously wrong here :slight_smile:

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