adding a space to nightbot commands


recently I saw a script to add the command ‘how are you’ which allows for spaces.

i was wondering if there was an easy way to create a script which allowed me to create the following command phrase:

‘inspect boysin1CmnShl1’

with the following response:

‘boysin1CmnShl1 A standard turtle shell. Sturdy and great for everyday use.’

ideally the script would act as a template, so i could swap out ‘boysin1CmnShl1’ in the command phrase, as well as change the response. Thanks!!!

Hey @KingofSnails!

From what I understand, you need something totally different from the topic you linked.
Before we go further tho’, can you confirm that what you want is having a command to mention an user and change the output at random/specific to some user (please specify which one of the two it is).
So an output like:

!inspect USERNAME

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