Added as manager, how to remove myself

somebody added me as Nightbot manager. I don’t want to be manager anymore. How can I remove myself. I found that he can do it, but how I can do it?

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There is no way to remove yourself as a manager from someone else’s channel currently. People generally aren’t managers for enough channels for the need to delete themselves to have risen up.

What’s the situation here? Can the channel owner not remove you?

hello Slikrick,
I’m no more in contact with owner. But I’m still manager. It sending me to his Nightbot by default. I already added command to his nightbot by mistake so I removed it. Also I have problem with managing both my nightbots for youtube and for twitch. It makes chaos. Removing manager from another streamer nigthbot can help me to be less confused.

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what’s your twitch channel name that has been added as a manager? I will see about looking into it.

I think user id is more relevant in this case User ID: 59efe95d5ee26e73264bcb6a

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