Add int amount to a command

Hey there!

I’m having trouble with a command I made and couldn’t find any solutions online.
So what the command, !qp, does is show the quest points I got. Lets say I have 120 quest points at the moment.
For example: !qp will result into 120 quest points.
I want another command,!addqp, to add to that amount. So !addqp 5 will change the !qp command into 125 quest points.
!qp can be used by everyone and !addqp only by moderators.

If this is possible I would like to know how.
For a temporary solution I have a !setqp -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !qp $(query) quest points. But this is inconvenient for me, because I have to remember what the number was at, whereas an addqp would be easier since you just add the amount you want to the number.

If anything is unclear feel free to ask for more details.

Hey @gangstamo13!

As far as I know, this isn’t possible, sadly. I’ve tried to achieve this result a few times already, and found nothing that worked.

Thanks for the reply, Emily. that’s a bummer :frowning: It seemed possible to me because the bot has a way to count and a way to solve math problems. I thought this could be fused somehow, but unfortunate if this ain’t the case.

If someone does know a solution I would be happy to hear.

While this is true, the $(count) variable is a bit of an ass to work with…

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