Add a Queued_Song.TXT file

Hi! Currently, I know there is a “Current_Songs.TXT” file, but is there a way to create a TXT file for queued songs limited to 50 lines?

For example - When the next song is due to play - that will then appear in the “Current_Song.TXT” file and then queued songs file will shift up a position, And if a song request is to be added from twitch streams, that will become position 1?

So its making a replica of what the nightbot app does but in a TXT file.

from OBS perspective - if I import the TXT file, it should show all 50 lines of songs on separate lines (not one long line).

If it can’t be done all in 1 TXT file, maybe create 50 singular files?

There currently is no other bot for streams that does this, so this will be a unique feature and will advance streams so much. I look forward to hearing from you.

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