About the command I want to use

Hello. I use night bot on youtuber in Japan. Thank you so much for providing such a great quality service for free. The question I asked this time is about commands. I am doing viewer participation type study distribution, and since I am studying myself, I leave the viewer’s response to the bot.
When the viewer gives a signal to start studying, the user’s name is displayed, and when the signal to end studying is given, the elapsed time from the start of study and the user’s name as at the start. I want to display it. If possible, I would be happy if the number of people studying now could be displayed. thank you

Hey @taiyou!

This could be possible using the Quote API and storing timestamps along usernames, however, this is too much work for me right now, and I try not to overload the Quote API.
Ideally you’d want to set up your own API for something like this.
So for now I’m going to say it’s not possible, sorry.
If I have some free time over the next weeks, I may or may not post a command here, no guarantee.

Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your polite reply.

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