A way to stop mass follows (hate follows)

So lately it’s been a huge problem for many people, bots following and typing stupid things.
Is there a way to create a command that blocks mass follows? My friend got mass follows of like 40 in one go, with bots, spamming racial slurs, and rude things. I was thinking if there is a possibility to block follows that happen in one go ? that exceed the number 10 or so? Cause what are the odds a streamer will recieve more than 10follows in one go? unless you really big, but then one simply raise the number.

Thankful if someone knows a way.

This is not possible with nightbot at all. I don’t know if it’s even possible to even block accounts from following you in the first place so sadly this is something that you’ll have to hope twitch deals with.


I wish they could allow it.

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