A sus command with percentage statements

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I’m trying to create a conditional command for a !sus… i am struggling to piece it all together.
The command i’m hoping to make is

Random Number as a variable… then if Number is below 25 = $user is ‘Number’% sus… I think they’re lying, else if number is 25-50 =$user is ‘Number’% sus… they seem too dodgy lets vote them, else if number is 50-75 = $user is ‘Number’% sus… $user is highly suspcious… lets get rid else if number is greater than 75 = $user is ‘number’% sus… they definitely did it!


Use this:

$(eval R=Math.floor(Math.random()*100+1);R<=25?`$(user) is ${R}% sus... FIRST_RESPONSE`:R>25&&R<=50?`$(user) is ${R}% sus... SECOND_RESPONSE`:R>50&&R<=75?`$(user) is ${R}% sus... THIRD_RESPONSE`:R<75?`$(user) is ${R}% sus... FOURTH_RESPONSE`:` `)

Fill in the response the first is the least sus the fourth is the most sus.

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Thank you it looks awesome… the only thing is that when i run the command. i get “unexpected end of input”

Sorry I forgot you have to have an outcome if none of them are true I edited the eval above it should work now.

That works perfectly now :heart: thank you so much xox

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