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A few Kapchat Questions

I’m fairly new to using Kapchat and was wondering if I could get a little help with some tweaking? (Attached is a photo of how it currently looks)

Is it possible to:

  • Force it to not start longer messages under the username (even if it’s just one or two words next to the username)?

  • Change the line spacing between each individual chatter but not change the line spacing in the actual messages?

  • Somehow make the chat look sharper/ more white?

Essentially I’m looking to make it look similar to this, but I’m not remotely sure how

The first issue you mentioned was a bug, which is now fixed.

The second two issues are really up to user preference. We do have some default themes you can select, but if none fit for you then you may need to write some custom CSS to style the chat to your liking.


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