A command to give one of two option


i want a command do give me one of two or more options like:

!noob and the bot will say user is a noob or user is not a noob

can i do with nightbot or streamelements?

thanks for the help

Nightbot command:

!addcom -cd=5 !noob $(user) is $(eval Math.random()<0.5?`not`:` `) a noob
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the command works and thanks for that, but in 16 times gave me 15 times is a noob and 1 time is not a noob… can i change de 0,5 to 1 to give more is not a noob?

Math.random() returns a decimal between 0 and 1 and compares it to 0.5. It is a “fair” split between the two outcomes. You just have bad luck at the moment.

yes, i have notice that, thank you so much

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