!8ball command gives back 2 responses

This is a little confusing so I’ve included a screenshot of my issue in hopes that someone can help me find a resolution. I’ll also be pasting the code that I have as well.

I’ve added an !8ball command that offers different responses when asked. I’ll get a response from Nighbot and also a response from “myself” in the chat as well. Is there a fix to removing “myself” from responding to the command?

I’m not very familiar with commands and the coding that goes into it, so any step by step or photos would be helpful!

nightbot issue

$(eval const responses = [ 'Yes! pepeDS ', 'My sources say nope. NOPIES ', 'Absolutely not. Deadcat', 'Concentrate and ask again... WeSmart', 'Shruggies', 'It is decidedly so!', 'choisanWINK', 'Very doubtful.', 'Yes - Definitely!', 'Duckpls', 'Most likely.', 'Ask again later. LurkCat', 'No!', 'ThumbsUp', 'Don\'t count on it.'];'$(querystring)'.trim() == '' ? 'Ask a question first' : responses[Math.floor(Math.random() * responses.length)];)

Have you got 2 bots with the same command ?

I have Streamlabs Cloudbot but the bot itself is disabled.

Are you using Streamlabs OBS ?

This issue looks like it doesn’t have anything to do with Nightbot, the bot responds as it should, and it can’t send a message as you in your chat; as far as I know, only Streamlabs offers that option, see with them how to properly disable their bot’s responses as we don’t offer support on non-NightDev products.

I was more thinking along the lines of if they are using SLOBS, it may be that doing it, even if disabled on the website, or maybe vice versa. Something like that.

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Just OBS. I used to use it a long while ago, but everything except for notifications for Subs, Bits, raids, etc. Is turned off.

Be careful, OBS and Streamlabs OBS aren’t the same thing, we think you have Streamlabs OBS installed. Regardless though, NightDev isn’t the place to get help on either of these products.

Yeah, I know, when I mentioned Streamlabs I was referring to the company as a whole. :wink:

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I’m using OBS specifically. I stopped using SLOBS due to lots of technical issues.

I was more so curious if there was anything in my Nightbot code that would have triggered the issue to happen.

I’ll dig through Streamlabs and see if the culprit is there.

As I said:

So nothing in your Nightbot code could have triggered a second answer to the !8ball command.

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