8 Ball Command to use on a YouTube Live Stream

I can’t find anything recent or any command lines to help me get an 8 Ball working on my live stream on YouTube. Every time I try I get There was an error adding the command. I know this may be a simple thing but one thing I’ve never been able to make work. I could use some help if possible. Thanks in advance.

Try this

!addcom !8ball 8 Ball says, $(eval const res = $(urlfetch json https://pastebin.com/raw/Feudv2iB); res[Math.floor(Math.random() * res.length)];)

That is fantastic. Thanks for the help. I appreciate it very much. Now I truly have the best NB ever. I’m willing to bet I have the largest NB anywhere, (I use it as a database 17,600 commands and counting) I’ll bet it does about the most anyone has ever heard of (I have every county in the USA for weather plus most areas in the world) and now it is entertaining too. Thanks again. :smile:

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