2 different emotes for 1 keyword

I just noticed there’s TWO different emotes for AYAYA. Is there a certain condition that would allow it?

Emote A:

Emote B:

The face is different on emote B

But then there’s this AYAYAUwU emote which is exactly the same as emote B.


This is simple enough to explain. The most likely case is since the emote approval system uses an image comparer to check if its already an emote and shows a bunch of images it thinks are the same, either

A) The comparison didn’t bring up the uwu (it’s not perfect)


B) The emote approver missed the duplicate emote due to there being a bunch of slightly edited ayaya emotes. (they are human)

The system isn’t 100% perfect and night is constantly making it better, just slipped by.

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