1 Trigger Active - Multiple Messages in a short space of time

We have one trigger active that runs every 45 mins at 8 message count/min and noticed within the 45 minute window multiple messages are being displayed. Sometimes one minute or so after the first message being triggered.

Is this a bug?

Also if I try to disable the trigger I get a “Path message is required” error.

A timer shouldn’t run multiple times. Are you sure users are not triggering the command which the timer does?

Also disabling should now be fixed.

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I’m still seeing double triggers happening and it’s not a user either. I have checked that I only have one trigger enabled too. The trigger itself run a ! command which displays a random message from a list we have stored in pastebin. I’m unable to see why NB is doing this apart from some sort of bug?

I have the same issue with the !discord command on timer, I have it running every 25 mins/20 lines. But every time its triggered it spams it once… then a minute later it spams it again. Not sure what the cause is.

If you guys are still having issues and can provide account information I can take a closer look, but I’m unable to locate accounts with timers from your usernames on here.

The Real Samui Webcam is my account name.

I have also been having this issue. The one command that does trigger does so twice in quick succession and then no other commands run. Theweirdone is my channel and its only the botbot command that runs. I’ve tried fiddling with times and lines, but no joy. All timers used to run a couple of weeks ago. It’s like it gets to the first timer in the list and then stops.

This issue should now be fixed.

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I’m seeing this same issue, I think. We had an old command with a different response, but that one is still triggering (in addition to the new version of the command). I hope this helps. Unfortunately I don’t have a public version of this, but let me know if I can help somehow

My timers are now working, thanks!

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