(YT) Nightbot blacklisted words w/ extra letters to bypass


Hello, I was wondering if there is a way for Nightbot to recognize blacklisted words if someone uses an extra few letters in said word(s)

Let’s say the word is “drink”

Someone in the live chat goes, “I like my driiiiiink”

How can I have nightbot see that & timeout? or should I add words with extra letters to the blacklist section?

Well like all blacklists people will try to get around them, you can use regex to avoid situations like this.

RegExr Example

So currently I have my blacklisted words as such: asterisk on both sides BTW

  • drink *
  • tea *

You’re saying I should implement them as

  • ~/d+r+i+n+k/i *


Asterisk’s are wildcards, which is not the same as what I posted.

drink* will get words like drink, drinks, drinking, drinker …etc


*car* will get words like racecar, carbs, cards, scarf… etc

Regex’s are far more advanced and adding a * to the end of it will most likely cause it to work incorrectly.


The reason I had the * before & after was so Nightbot could catch the word if it wasn’t the first used word.

Before I used the * on the front and back, if someone said “Wow this drink tastes good” Nightbot wouldn’t catch it.

Unless they said “drink it up” (being the first word)

So if I input it as you say, instead of * drink * - having it be ~/d+r+i+n+k+/i - it will catch it mid sentence as well?

Thanks for all the answers so far Aaron.

Nightbot should catch the words no matter where they are in the sentence, it checks every word against your blacklist.

Well it didn’t, not until I added the * on both the front & back of the word. I was here last week asking why it didn’t work & someone suggested to use the * on both sides of the blacklisted words.

Either way, I should replace all my blacklisted words entirely with your Regex model, correct? I’ll test it out tomorrow when I livestream.

My earlier post: https://community.nightdev.com/t/nightbot-blacklisted-words-unrecognized-yt/16714/4

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