[YT] How does Nightbot timeout people?

This question is pointed more at the developers.
I’m trying to create a custom command !timeout, which will timeout users for a chosen amount of time. I know, that you can’t timeout users via Nightbot, so I’m trying to do it through the Youtube API.

However, every time I’m trying to execute a timeout on the Google APIs Explorer, I’m prompted to confirm my identity via OAuth, but Nightbot doesn’t seem to have to click the button in the popup and confirm its identity every time it wants to timeout someone.

So, my question is: how can you avoid confirming your identity via OAuth every time you’re trying to timeout someone through the API?


Hey @Xeoth!

This won’t properly answer your question, but maybe it’ll be good enough for you.

If you add !timeout to the blacklisted words, user can time themselves out for an amount of time you chose. In the chats I mod, we use this to give a way for users to delete a message they shouldn’t have sent, like a wrong copy/paste for example.

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Thanks for the answer, but unfortunately, this is not what I’m looking for :frowning:.

Nightbot doesn’t use the API Explorer to timeout users. It generates an access token and then keeps using that access token for subsequent requests. You should read up on Google OAuth2 documentation for more information.

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