YouTube vs. Twitch

The Nightbot and YouTube dashboards seem to be functionally identical. Is there any documentation that factually states this? If not, is there documentation that spells out the differences?

The dashboards themselves are identical. The only differences between Youtube/Twitch lay with the command usage for example: The !game command isn’t supported by YouTube and the Giveaway panel are some examples of features that don’t work in YouTube Gaming.

Thanks for the quick reply!

Do you know of a definitive list of commands/features that are not supported in YouTube Live? Or a side-by-side grid that says which platform supports which commands? (Something to help avoid finding out by trial & error…)

No sorry, there is no definitive list(or grid chart) that has been made. Although it isn’t really necessary as a majority of features of Nightbot work on both platforms.

Alrighty then! Sounds good. Thanks! It was helpful even just to know about the Giveaway panel.

Hello! The !permit and !allow commands appear to work the same on the part of the Nightbot. However, as the permitted user, I still get “Message not sent: Oops! Remove any web addresses and try again.” – Do you happen to know if I’m overlooking a general YouTube LIVE option to allow URLs in chat, or something I need to do in the Nightbot control panel, to make this work? (My research indicates that YouTube blanket disallows URLs in chat comments, and I have a feeling the chat is pretty much the same thing / different layout.) Thanks!

You would need to turn off YouTube’s spam filtering.

I unchecked “Automatically block spam messages” in the live stream advanced settings. (“Enable live chat”) is the setting above. Could I be overlooking something? I have it set to “Allow all comments” in Community Settings, too…

I’m not sure, so you might try asking on YouTube Gaming’s Discord:

For the record, someone in the YouTube Gaming Discord told me ‘no links’ is YouTube policy. I would still like to see that written definitively in their docs, but I got some kind of confirmation, FWIW. Thanks!

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