Youtube Spambots

I am a mod in a fairly large YouTube Streamers channel (around 1200 viewers AVG) we get channels coming in like 20 at a time sometimes spamming Username: Cllick Here Cllick Here"​أضخم مجموعة من النصائح للهواتف في اليوتيوب للمزيد شاهد الفيديو6394Cejudo vs Moraes6394 LINK HERE" they all have similar usernames, nightbot insta times them out for 600 seconds but it ruins being able to read the stream, I also then go through and ban them and this has been happening since the beginning of E3. Is the only option subscriber only mode? Also how do I implement something like that on YouTube? There are also emotes in the spam usually but we don’t want to just keep everyone from emoting.

Sorry for the delayed response.

It is important to note that normal users do not see the trail of spam left behind as those get deleted. YouTube shows moderators more information about actions occurring due to spam, so chat looks a lot worse for you.

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