Youtube custom (friendly) url


Hello guys.

I made a Streamtip account for my Youtube channel & I was woundering how I can get a custom (friendly) url.
Mine now looks like this (url not real - scrambled by me), but I saw that someone has a url in this format:

How I can get that? Would be better to offer a friendly url that can be remembered.

How to change my Username?

Sorry but Streamtip URLs can’t be reserved and usually have to do with your ID from that service. As{{id}} is linked your account.


Haven’t said nothing about reserving an url. I am talking about what I see at someone else. I think somehow he got his “friendly url” & not the big ugly ID code.

I will give you the person streamtip url to see for yourself.

See? He has the beautiful url, not the ugly one that I have :wink: I want that too. I want to get my Youtube Channel custom url (I have one).


While I’m not 100% certain, I believe you need a vanity url. In your example is the channel URL which was carried over to StreamTip. I believe this is the result you want.


That is what I said in my last replay. I have a custom url (vanity url) , but for some reason I haven’t got the same result as teranul123. That is the reason of my topic in the 1st place. I’m asking the devs of streamtip how I can get the same result :wink:

Anyway, thanks for your answers, but still waiting one from the devs.
Have a nice day.


When you signup if you have a vanity url it is used as your username. After signup it is static and cannot be changed.


That is what I am saying. I have one, but haven’t been used as my username. I got the ugly long code. As stated in the earlier post, my vanity url is Had it before I signed up on streamtip.


Due to recent YouTube API changes, we are now able to update your username when you login without incurring extra API calls. If you login again, it should update your username.


Yes night :wink: Saw that & I want to thank you for this.

Have a beautiful day.


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