Youtube add regulars button calls for a twitch acct

When logged into Twitch and then switching to a Youtube acct via the profile button on the top right
The site will ask for a Twitch acct name when trying to add a regular until you log out and log in with youtube acct

I would provide a screenshot but the pages look exactly the same for when logged into both Twitch and YouTube with no way to tell the difference

I haven’t added anyone yet because apparently, I need their URL to do so for YouTube
And I don’t know how to get that after the stream has ended
(and you can’t just click on someone’s name in the replay chat to get it either)
I’m guessing I have to add them via the chat command during the stream
So showing a SS with someone already made a regular from YouTube with then the webpage asking for their Twitch username isn’t possible

This could also mean that I could still just add them by providing a YouTube URL even though it asks for a Twitch username

Welp, I just tried adding myself but it doesn’t show the URL in the list - just the username
So that wouldn’t have proven that I am accessing Nightbot for YouTube
Hopefully, the instructions at the top can lead someone to reproduce this bug

We never intended for managers to work across platforms, but it looks like that started being allowed when we rebuilt our API layer. While there’s no technical issues, it does mean the UI may not display what is intended some of the time. Unfortunately it’s unlikely this UI will be fixed anytime soon as it’s just a visual bug, and likely at some point when we refresh the site it will be a non-issue.

That’s fine, jst dropping a heads up on it

However I did try to add someone as a regular via the youtube chat with “!regulars add [username]”
And all I get is an error saying it can’t find the person
I don’t have a way to add them with their URL since there isn’t an option to click on their names and following that to their channel page

(I didn’t get an email of a reply n now the thread is closed :confused: )

How am I supposed to get their URL now??

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Unfortunately since YouTube doesn’t have usernames any longer you have to use the channel URL to find them. They used to allow you to get to a channel from chat, but for whatever reason they removed that functionality.