"You can only submit 5 emotes a week"


Yesterday I uploaded a 2x2 (4 emotes making 1) and it got rejected for low quality and should re-submit when that’s fixed. Now I’ve heavily upgraded the quality and got pumped to re-submit. Which I did for the first part of 4 but then for the second to fourth part I’ve gotten above message. So I’m stuck with 1/4 of my 2x2 x).
I’ve read other topics about this message and all concluded they should wait till the week is over. But since my situation is a ‘tiny’ bit different and I live by the “There’s no harm in trying”. Maybe there could be made an exception for me, if it is possible of course.
I have not ever abused the emote submit page nor do I upload emotes regularly, just this emote got me pumped to rather not wait a week :slight_smile: .

Sorry but the limit of 5 emotes per week is to prevent against abuse/spam. You’ll be able to add emotes after a week since the first emote was uploaded.

FeelsBadMan Okay, thanks.

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