Wrongly added commands don't show anywhere

Hi there!
As a total noob, I made the mistake of copypasting some lines I found on a website to add commands and only after that I realised they were probably wrong, since they use !command instead of !commands .
They are:

!command add !status ${twitch ${channel} “{{displayName}} Status: Uptime -> {{uptimeLength}}, Game -> {{game}}, Title -> {{title}}”}

!command add !so $(twitch $(user) "{{displayName}} is a wonderful caster that was last seen streaming {{game}}, go drop them a follow over at {{url}})

The problem is that I want to remove these commands now, but they don’t show in the custom commands panel and even if I overwrite them with !commands add using the same name and then remove them with !commands delete they still stay there. =(

Could anybody please help?
Thanks in advace! =)

If you dont see them in your control panel: https://nightbot.tv/commands/custom
then the commands don’t exist, so you dont have to delete them.
The commands you typed with !command will just be ignored.

The problem is that they actually work, but I don’t want them anymore since they’re kind of ‘not standard’. They work if called, but don’t appear anywhere. Strange, isn’t it?

Can you show examples? There are also some default command that you are trying maybe? I only see a !so command for your channel.

The !status command I wrongly added is still working.
And I correctly added a !so ‘user’ command, but the wrongly added ‘!so’ standalone command still works and shows info for my channel.

Solved in Twitch chat.

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Thank you very much! =)

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