Word sort with Nightbot

Hello gyus

I’m want to creat a specific command in nightbot. So, when the user digit this command in chat (e.g. !poker), the bot must return a word/sentence previously registrered.

The bot must do a sort of this words/sentences and show in the chat, as follow:

registred sentences:

Straight Flush
Full House



$user have a Quadra.

can you help me with this?

How would Nightbot know what the return? What would the user enter? There is some missing information on how this command would/should work.

Sorry if i didnt was clear in my question.

  • How would Nightbot know what the return?

I think that nightbot’s api have support for this. Any key-value archive, or something like this.

  • What would the user enter?

will be like a standard command. But the response isnt the same… Its like a lottery. The user can use the command (!handpoker) and the bot returns (randomly) a hand poker.

was i clear now?


You can use the eval variable to make a random response. Look at our docs for an example of the 8ball command, which is similar to what you want: https://docs.nightbot.tv/commands/variables/eval

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