Word-Break fix causes message to start on a line under the Broadcaster/Mod/Turbo icon

Due to chat messages cutting off in the middle of words like…

I applied a fix found on this forum by adding .message {word-break: break-word !important;}
Sentences look normal, except when there’s an extremely long word at the beginning of the sentence…

The broadcaster/mod icon starts on the line above the message. I’m assuming it also happens with turbo icons.

I used https://www.nightdev.com/hosted/obschat/?style=clear&channel=mrlolrus&bot_activity=true if it means anything.

The OBS Chat default values are…

We use break-word to maximize space efficiency, since there is a limited amount of space people usually devote to the chat. You can squeeze in more letters by breaking words.

For others who do not like the words breaking however, they might find this post useful.

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