!wins commands help

I need some help! Can someone help me set up !wins !addwin !resetwins in nightbot I’m kinda new around it and I don’t know how to set it up !!

@moonalientv This is a basic setup for displaying a count (!wins), increasing the count (!addwin), and resetting the count (!resetwins). Copy and paste into chat:

!addcom -cd=5 !wins $(channel) has 0 wins.
!addcom !addwin -a=!editcom !wins $(channel) has $(count) wins.
!addcom !resetwins -a=!editcom !addwin \-c=-1

!wins will display the current amount of wins.
!addwin will increase that amount by 1.
To reset the value in !wins to 0, type !resetwins then !addwin

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so you only copy and paste that into the actual chat in my channel right and its done or do i need to add the commands in nightbot commands ?

@moonalientv These commands are already setup so that you can just copy and paste them into chat (provided you’ve got Nightbot joined to your channel).

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Yeah I just figured it out how it all works thanks a lot :slight_smile: <3 life savior.

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