!winner command help

Hey there, someone change the command in my friend’s channel, so if i delete the !winner command, the old one will become normal by being a Custom or i need to make the whole command again ?


!winner already exists as a default command. A custom command with the same name (!winner) overrides the default command. Simply deleting the custom !winner command should make the default command available for use again.

But note it is not possible to delete the default command.

Hey buddy, that doesn’t work at all: image

Also i’m trying to delete, it keep picking people who are not chatting and we would like to do like default: At least 10 minutes ago chat.

You dont show the most important part in the screenshot, what did you type to delete the command?

!commands del !winner - should work

You can setup who can win the giveway at https://beta.nightbot.tv/giveaways
“Active user” is just someone that has typed in chat, when the giveaway page is open.

I typed !delcom at beginning doesn’t work, now i used !commands del, works. ty buddy

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