Win/loss record help

ok so basically my goal with a command is to keep a win/loss record for my streamers challenge runs

i basically want a command structure something like " !record Win: x Lose: y "
!win record Win: (x+1)
!lose record Lose (y+1)
!record Win: 1 Lose: 1

my first though was to use alias to edit the win or loss with $(count) but quickly realized that would not work the intended way. ive seen some stuff involving $(eval) but im not sure how exactly to go about it. do commands store variable values? could i use something like !win -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !record Win: $(eval x+1) Lose: $(eval y+0) or is there a smarter way to tackle this?

If you’re still debating on the best way to solve this, you’d need some custom API written as there’s only 1 count per command that can be stored.

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