Win/Death Counter

Is it possible to make a command that when you/mod do !win it would send a command or something to obs and change the number from 0 to 1? if so I woul really love this command for my stream!

Sorry but in order for a Nightbot command to have any remote access to OBS is with a custom self-built service/integration.

And how would i get a self-built service/intergration

You would either build (or have someone else) it for you, using a webserver that could connect a browser source html page. This is far outside of the scope of just using Nightbot.

not exactly what you’re asking for, but this is what i use for my win/loss counter. i run two instances, one for wins and one for losses. i run them on my stream pc, and just hit a hot key after each game on second keyboard (although you could set it to work with one pc fine), and it updates a text file that obs reads. worked fine so far

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