Will you get copyrighted on twitch if i use song request

please help im a new twitch streamer

You will get copyrighted if the music that is requested is, yes. The default nightbot playlist (the monstercat one) is not copyrighted, if you choose to use that. You can make it so that users can only request from that playlist if you are worried about copyright.

Playing copyrighted music on twitch (currently) only gets your vods muted. As such some people are fine with it, but there is no protection from further action by music companies or future policies making those worse.

This is covered in the “Copyright FYI” on the Nightbot Docs

Song requests no not ensure any kind of copyright protection, and unless you have the rights to play the music being requested, it could be flagged as violating copyright, which will mute your VoDs.

However, Nightbot’s AutoDJ has a Monstercat playlist, which you are allowed to play from (you can even have people only request from this playlist). If this playlist makes up the majority of the music you play on stream, you should probably check out their Twitch policy.

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