Why is this 8ball command not working please help

!commands edit !8ball $(eval var sayings = [‘Sounds about right.’, ‘Yes.’, ‘Its a no chief.’, ‘Well you’re not here to fuck spiders.’, ‘Thats a PogNo.’, ‘Hell yeah!’, ‘It’s looking grim.’, ‘Perhaps?’, ‘I think its better if you don’t know.’, ‘Very doubtful.’, ‘Try again next year.’, ‘It is certain.’, ‘Focus on yourself.’, ‘Most likely.’, ‘Thats a PogYES Champ.’, ‘Maljack the streamer god is looking down on you.’, ‘Don’t count on it.’]; sayings[Math.floor(Math.random() * sayings.length)]:wink:

Hiya, if you surround the sentences with single quotes, you can’t use that single quote inside the sentence. For example: 'it's' use double quotes instead: "it's"

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