Why does Nightbot Ban You For

Hello, i have an question regarding this twitch bots, i have been ban chat on twitch literally asking what a viewer would ask “ what is this stream about?” And the next thing i get is “You are banned from talking in pmsproxy for 2093 more seconds.” may i ask if there is anything wrong i did here? I mean seriously? What did i even do? I got ban chat the first time 500+ mins for asking that question, so i waited patiently for what i did after 500 mins, after the time pass, i ask again, what did i do? And guess what? BAM “You are banned from talking in pmsproxy for 2093 more seconds.” if this bots belong to twitch, please solve this issue man. Its really fustrating me out

After getting ban for 3k mins, the bot quoted as “please respect the viewer and the mod bla bla bla…” , i was like, Dude, hello? Did i do anything wrong here? Lmao the bot just included “respect the viewer in his quote” but classify that this question is abbusive in twitch” what is this stream about” seriously? I do highly recomend that nightbot does requires a more human logic thinking, appearantly its more like a zombie bot right now.

Nightbot doesn’t belong to twitch, and you were likely timed out by settings that the channel has set. This isn’t really a nightbot issue, more the channel it’s being used in.

So its the channel fault? Thanks for replying

Channel owners and moderators have full control of moderator bots, make sure you know the rules of the stream.

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