Why can't I Re-Do The Tip Alert Installation thing?

I did the Tip Alert Installation Step thing and when I did it I had no idea how to get the API Client ID or the API Access token so I skipped those steps, but now I know how to get them, but it will not let me re-do The Tip Installation thing again, so I can’t set up the alert. Please someone help me.

I have edited your message to be less offensive.

You should try clearing your cookies and cache, as perhaps your authentication token with Dropbox expired.

I have already tired that and it still does the same thing. I just want to Re-do it, why is it so hard to do something that should be so easy?

It’s like the site thinks I already done it. I should have the option to re-do it. The option should not automatically be taken away if it thinks you did it or whatever. What if you did it wrong or need to re-do it for some reason? Your telling me that there is no option to do that or what?

Why don’t you try explaining in detail, with screenshots, the issue you are having. I cannot reproduce any issues like you mention.

Ok sure I can make a video for you later on today or tonight, I think. :slight_smile: