Why are we paying to alpha test your broken product?

StreamTip has been a nightmare over the last few days. Why are we paying anything to alpha/beta test your product?

I have re-installed several times and cannot get audio alerts to work consistently. I know several of the larger YouTubers and Twitch streamers have migrated away from “NightDev” and I am quickly pondering the same. On top of all of this you are taking 2 percent off the top before paypal takes their cut.

Unless things greatly improve and the fee’s change or different tiers are created I will be leaving as well.

I’m not sure what you mean… We’ve been stable over the last few days: https://nodeping.com/reports/status/TOET3W04L1

You’d need to explain what you mean by consistently, as you’re the first to complain. Issues other users encounter are either random bugs (which have been addressed) with the newly released client or misconfiguration on their end.

I did not think there was anyone you could migrate away from who can provide the same features cheaper than 2%?

There is a much more stable product that is coming to market that has tiers and caps for the larger collectors.

Cool story bro. I’m glad other people are willing to work for literally a penny per transaction (or less, like you say) after putting in as much time as I have.

As it stands now, the largest casters only get charged $0.02/transaction on Streamtip. My pricing will not be changing as it’s already low.

If you’re just complaining on the forums to get me to drop my rates below low, the answer is “no.” You’re welcome to seek other providers. I’ve already had people switch and come back, eventually figuring out that Streamtip is the better product for the price.