Who is executing aliases?

I’m hitting an API with urlfetch and I want to move the endpoint into an alias. This way I can have multiple commands using it, without having to write the URL multiple times. I also don’t want that command to be available to everyone, because on it’s own it doesn’t do anything, it’s just keeping the URL or the API.

My question is, who is running the alias when I call it from another command? The user that issues the command, Nightbot, or me?

The user that issues the command is the one who is executing it. This transfers to aliases. All variables should work the same and be as expected regardless if the original command is running it, or an alias

Oh okay makes sense.

I guess I’ll just keep the command with the API URL with the same permissions as the other commands that are using it, and I’ll make the root endpoint return some message there, so it’s not entirely useless.

Thank you for your help!

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