Whitelisting certain links for subscribers only

Under Link Protection, I have Link Timeouts enabled and no links whitelisted.
Under Subscribers Spam Protection Settings, I have “Bypass Links” enabled.

I believe this means that subscribers could post any links they want. Is there some combination of settings that will allow me to prevent all viewers from posting links but allow subs to post certain links (i.e. imgur only)? I don’t really want to allow subs to post ANY links they want.

Currently the Subscribers settings are the straight forward enable/disable current spam filters (Caps, Blacklist, Emotes, Etc) and do not have it’s own “Subscriber Whitelist”.

This is a good idea though and hope Night or another NightDev would be able answer you regarding a feature like that. You can also suggest a feature here - http://www.nightdev.com/contact/

If you don’t mind allowing everyone to post imgur links, you can add that to the link whitelist. Otherwise, we unfortunately do not have userlevel-bounded whitelisting at this time. The next revision of Nightbot will contain a lot of changes to how its userlevel system functions, but that is still quite a ways out.

Okay thanks. The point is that I don’t want any and all viewers to be able to post links, even Imgur, because there are Imgur spambots who post Imgur links that have links to Steam giveaways or whatever. But, for my subscribers, I would love to allow them to post Imgur links. I kind of wanted to limit what links subs can post, however, as I don’t want link-posting to be taken advantage of.

For now, I’ve decided to just allow subscribers to post links. Thanks!

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